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Gamification and Human Motivation Laboratory

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We are a gamification and behavioral design startup that provides personalized and innovative solutions. Our main objective is to transmit in our solutions the good use of gamification, to achieve results and to be able to measure them.

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Do you need to Gamify a project?

Our services

Custom design

Projects designed and developed from scratch adapted to the required motivation and learning objectives.

Game-based learning

Tools for the evaluation, assessment and development of particular capacities at specific times.

Gamification for everyone

We are passionate about teaching, which is why we have designed training programs in our BEM gamification methodology.

Allos Story Lab

It is our laboratory of stories and experiences of immersive reality.

Ready-to-use apps

Gamified and customizable apps available to attend short-term projects.

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BEM (Behavioral-Experiential-Meaningful) is our Gamification methodology that focuses on understanding game design paradigms to improve their application in the real world.

BEM starts from the idea of how good game designers have studied human psychology for better experience and learning.


Juegos de fantasía

"Playing is the voluntarily attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles"

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