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For 100 years the struggle between the Rayfs, the Helgors and the Buitongs was keeping the people of Moldan in a state of panic. Rayfs controlled the commerce, Helgors the militia and Buitongs the magicks. But neither controlled the people. Maybe the war that was brewing would resolve this tension, or maybe it would bring destruction. Only time would tell.


The fall of Moldan and the three houses of Power. Written by the sage of knowledge.


We care that our clients feel proud and can fulfill the purpose of their gamified projects, so we are always attentive to be able to design systems that not only respond to their functionality but also achieve important milestones.


Excellence in E-learning or Web-based Gamification Design

In 2019, our gamified solution for Bancolombia achieved that  employees learned to use less cash by 20% in a period of 3 months. Thus, we won the award for excellence in gamification design for learning in digital media.

GamiCon Awards 2019 sponsored by Training Magazine, USA.


Overall Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning

Our gamified solution Cash Inc. earned us the award for outstanding use of gamification for learning, above all worldwide participants .

GamiCon Awards 2019 sponsored by Training Magazine, USA.

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