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The King looked down at his Keeper of Gold and Tax. The chambers of wealth were almost empty, as the King’s pleasures were getting out of hand. “My liege, we need to cut on banquets and damsels, or your people will rebel”. The King said, “out of my sight!”. The next thing the King felt was the dagger in his chest: “You will not kill your people, we will cut the root of the problem”.

Book of Treachery, chapter III, On how Treachery saved the Kingdom of Ilian.


At Free to Play, gamification is our specialty. We handle various lines of business to meet a wide range of needs.

Custom design

We design and develop gamified systems adjusted to reality. For this reason, we carry out projects tailored to the problems and needs of public and private organizations and companies.

We have built systems that allow us to diagnose and develop different  behaviors, knowledge, skills, abilities or skills.

Do you need to gamify a project?


We have developed analog and digital tools to innovate in processes of:

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Marketing

  • Loyalty programs

  • Organizational transformation

  • Cultural transformation

  • Human development

  • Education


Game-based learning

We have built systems based on games that allow us to diagnose and develop different knowledge, abilities or skills.

Analog and digital systems that allow, in a short period of time, to know the dynamics and status of these competences in organizations and people, which facilitate through play, the development of them under clear elements of feedback and implementation of actions of accurate and effective improvement.

Do you want to teach in a different and playful way?


Gamification for everyone

Above all we are passionate about learning, we love teaching! For this reason, we take advantage of our BEM methodology and the knowledge that we have acquired and that we study every day to better understand human behavior to teach organizations and institutions, to better understand human motivation, and therefore to improve their internal systems enhancing people's well-being and growth.

We deliver conceptual and practical tools that allow organizations to better understand Gamification, what it is, for what, why, and how to use it.


We have trained more than 1000 people in conceptual and practical principles in Gamification, in private organizations from different sectors (consumer, services, banking, consulting, technology, communications, etc).


Allos: Story Lab

Allos is our line of business in charge of designing ARGs (Alternate Reality Games), Escape Rooms, gamified workshops, among others.

Its objective is to be able to promote and innovate in human motivation processes,  and to generate spaces for learning. Creating narrative and alternate spaces to daily reality that promote creativity, and the resolution of challenges, problems and conflicts, stimulating individuals, groups and organizations to think and live differently by carrying out different learning, thinking and motivation processes out of the ordinary.


Ready-to-use apps

We have designed simple and easy-to-use applications to meet specific and short-range needs, both in terms of time and the expected impact on users.

Its objective is to be practical tools, agile in its implementation. We use game mechanics that we have already developed and simple graphical interfaces that facilitate access quickly.

Do you need an app for your event or project, right now?


We adapt, visually and functionally, our own developments to the particular needs of the client.

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